What makes people change?

When the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain to change. 

                                          - anonymous  




My therapeutic goal for clients is to: 

  • provide a safe place to come and explore different and effective ways of coping
  • discover an acceptance of past life experiences 
  • create healthier decision-making patterns in order to strengthen self and relationships 
  • identify the areas in life where the client feels stuck


Take Action

Throughout life we come across times when we may need guidance. The decisions being made or the everyday patterns that we have developed in our relationships, at school or on the job no longer are productive.  It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed when we become stuck in this space.  A serious commitment to therapy can impact a person's life in constructive ways.

     My style of therapy is to meet clients where they are.  Be it wrestling with relationships, struggling with anxiety and/or depression, parenting strategies, coping skills etc., I feel it important to keep in mind that every individual is unique and should be provided with an unbiased, safe place to begin the road toward change.